Best Fantasy Football Names

Welcome to Best Fantasy Football Names. The objective of our site is to inspired and assist fantasy sports enthusiasts in finding the most fun and appropriate name for their fantasy football team. Out patrons will be amazed at the incredible creativity many past and current managers have employed in coming up with names that have reached legendary status. Some of our current favorites include “Belichick Yourself Before You Rex Yourself” and “Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles”.

Team Naming Etiquette

We believe that there are some absolute “rules of thumb” that should be employed when creating and selecting a fantasy football team name. By following these simple rules, any manager is capable of dazzling the fantasy sports world with his cleverness and wit. One of the best team names we have ever seen was on The name is “mommagonnagronkyouout”. If you want to check it out signup on and perform a username search. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to use a .

  1. Vanilla Won’t Get It Done – The last thing you want to do is allow the fantasy sports site to assign some lame default name, especially if it contains your own personal name. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to express yourself to the world of fantasy football. Don’t let someone else saddle you with epic BLAH.
  2. Avoid the Same Ole Stuff – The goal is to be unique and find something no one else has ever used. Stay away from current topics or fads. Too many short-sided managers rehash the same old stuff, thinking it makes them seem “with it”. Be an innovator, looking to set yourself apart from the crowd.
  3. Your Team Captain – Check your roster for a name or names that can be used to create something astonishing. Can you imagine the possibilities with names like Dick Butkus or Emerson Boozer for some really funny, mean and nasty names? Here’s the thing, it’s really annoying to use a player who is not on your roster. Your “team captain” shouldn’t be playing for someone else. It’s bad karma.
  4. Rude, Crude and Nasty Are in Vogue – When it comes to naming a fantasy sports team, there is no ratings board waiting to assign a XXX rating and fine you. No need to be bluntly vulgar, but nasty and crude done in a clever way seems to entice. (example: oneeyedrockettouranus). Also, personal jabs at other managers or their teams can start an intense rivalry within a league.


Your Inspiration

Here at Best Fantasy Football Names, we are committed to providing our patrons with a comprehensive list of the most popular and relevant names in the game. These lists are not intended to be copied, but instead should be used to inspire the creative juices to flow. We have found that managers who score the best names will forever be recognized as true fantasy football kings, worthy of immense respect and fear.

Just For Fun

Regardless of how much inspiration we may or may not be able to provide, we know you’ll have a blast just reading through some of the submissions. The world is full of wickedly funny, demented individuals with great imaginations. Reading through our list of names will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter. Don’t hesitate to share this site with family and friends, regardless of whether or not the play fantasy football.

Finally, this site is a partnership between Best Fantasy Football Names and you, the fantasy football fans and managers. We look forward to you submitting your team name to be added to our amazing list of fantasy football team names. We wish you great luck in your fantasy football endeavors.

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